Casey Neistat

Re-Think Content

Casey Neistat

YouTube personality, filmmaker, vlogger, and co-founder of Beme

Content creation

What does the new generation expect of television? YouTube already provides some idea. Of course, it’s often about egos, views and subscribers, but equally well, viewers still only watch strong, authentic content. In combination with all the money circulating in the sector, this often leads to an intriguing balancing act. And no-one masters this act better than Casey Neistat, speaker on Fuel ’18.

"Vlogging is purely about the creative aspect, without the political games of producers, studios and broadcasters."
Casey at Fuel18: So you have a baby, a lousy job, and are deep in debt because you bought an iMac to make video’s? Meet Casey Neistat at the start of his career. Or rather non-career. Today he’s a YouTube star because he never followed, or even knew the rules of film making. But he had his own voice. And ultimately companies and brands signed up to 'connect with their public’ by having Neistat speak to them. Content? If you think to follow a recipe, forget it. That recipe is old hat even before you’ve finished. Go for content, voiced with passion. And you’ll see how this content has influence. Even when Neistat was only doing a little 40 dollar movie on how batteries of an iPad couldn’t be replaced, he got 5 million viewers. “That’s an epiphany!” Even with no Nike products on screen, his ‘make the most of it movie’ became the most influential Nike movie – connecting the brand to its audience. Even though he was a high school dropout, he became a MIT fellow. And even as a non-coder, he got VC’s to fund his technology company, he sold to a multinational. Why? The tech company yielded the vlogs, the vlogs exposed the company to the world, and resulted in it being taken over. Follow your passion, don’t follow in somebody’s footsteps, don’t follow the instruction manual.” Be excited and confident to embrace what you don’t have experience with!